Production Samples

All songs produced, mixed, and mastered at Westfall

About Westfall ATX

Westfall puts gear from some of the worlds top audio consoles at your fingertips. The combination of classic and modern recording equipment allows you to produce industry ready songs in any genre. Producers at Westfall guide artists in crafting records. At Westfall, we know that sound and production needs to be tailored to the specific needs of each artist. 

Keyboard Heads



Anthony Santonocito - Producer/Writer

"My focus is taking peoples careers to the next level."

Anthony Santonocito is a music producer committed to making only the highest quality records. He has worked with all types of artists ranging from major label artists to independent artists. His passion is developing artists and giving them the tools they need to make at as career musicians.

Anthony was signed to Epic Records at the age of 16. He has developed artists who went on to sign with both indie and major labels. He's been an artist, a producer, and has worked in A&R.

Chad Rockwell - Producer/Writer

"Each record needs it's own sound."

Chad has a background in guitar and music theory. After years spent honing his craft in small project studios, he was noticed by the head of Westfall Recording and was immediately brought onboard. To Chad, each day and every project is an opportunity to help craft industry ready records. He has a unique mix of skill and musical ability that benefits every artist he works with while he takes the songs from concept to completion.

chad 2

Reece Herrera - Artist Management/Booking Agent

"Make connections every day."

Reece spends all of her time around music. She works hard booking shows, connecting musicians, and listening to new music. Reece is a drummer and a band leader. She creates a team and environment where artists thrive. A drummer herself, she works as a drum instructor for Girl Guitar Austin and Girls Rock Camp, supporting and empowering female musicians.


Core Gear

Pro Tools HDX
Mac Pro Hex Core
Pro Tools 16x16 IO Interface
Digidesign C24
Mackie HR824 Mark II Studio Monitors
2 Neve 1073 DPA
SSL G Series Stereo Compressor
7 API 512C Pre Amplifiers


Neumann U87
5 Shure SM-57's
Royer 121 Ribbon Mic Pair
2 Sennheiser 421's
1 Shure SM-52
1 AKG D112

GTR Amps

Bogner Uberschall
Orange Rockerverb 50
Marshall JCM 2000
Bogner Cab
Marshall 60's Cab


Brady Custom 5 Piece Drum Set
Hartke HA 7000


Taylor GS Series Acoustic
Martin JC-16RE Aura Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Fender P Bass
Fender Telecaster

All Available Upon Request


For Booking Inquiries:

Client List

John Hampson (Nine Days) »Columbia Records
Secret Weapons »Epic
Brianna Taylor »Universal
The Private Life of David Reed »Chamberlain Records
Christian Burns (BBMak) »Hollywood Records
The Getaway Drive »SONY
Steven Baggs »SONY
Stereo Skyline-SONY
The NeverEnders »Indianola Records
Deciding Tonight »Bleeding Heart Records
Val Emmich »Epic Records
Wired »Gotham Records
Permanent Holiday »Rockout Records
The World We Knew - Black Heart Group
Orion »Hotfoot Records
Dr. Acula »187 Records
Madisonprep »Beverly Martel Records
This Is Hell »Trustkill Records
Toby the Fugitive »Chamberlain Records
Diffuser »Hollywood Records
Hopesfall »Trustkill Records
Devin Lima And The Cadbury Diesel - One Eleven Records
Magnetic North - Beverly Martel Music
Bedlight For Blue Eyes - TrustKill Records
Show Me Action!
This Year's Anthem
Deeper Than The Ocean
Doctor Love And The Gang
Bella Montesano
Dogface Advenger
Elora Rosch
Fatkid Dodgeball
H is For Hero
Holden Pan
Jaylee Maruk
Justin Autumn
Kids Of Survival
Mercury Crossing
Micah Anderson
Mile Highschool
Nick Shatara
Pat The Human
Pretty Boy BeatDown
Score 24
Self Conclusion
Shattered Display
Short Of Fall
Shut Up And Deal!
Soul Pilot
Sown In Tears
Her Chance to Dream
23 Rainy Days
A New Born Thriller
Alaska And Me
Angi Carnagie
Carmen Montgomery
Chasing Monroe
Dan Fonsecha
Table 21
The Dream Intended
The GoodNight Fellows
This Condition
Bethany Z.
Nic Tarascio
Track Fighter
Raquel Blake
Sunday Luck
Justin McNatt
Dan Conklin
Victor DeGregorio
Dana Rayne
Code Adreneline
Sarah McLellan
The New York Dynamite
Better Than Toast
Rob Dova
Toby The Fugitive
Together Tomorrow
Love, Robot
Beyond The Throne
Men Like Gods 
If Hell Exists
A Story Left Untold
The Greater Sky
The Native Alien Tribe
Systematic Collapse 
Ellery Park
Ashes to Ashes 
Erin Chase 
Dream for Tomorrow 
Locked Together in Hatred 
Red and Black
Engineering an Empire 
Kyle Monroe 
Hammy D
Space Cadet 
Within our Gates 
Mouthful of Daisy
Once My Way
On the Run
Chase Engel 
Signal for Pilot 
Headboard Jockeys
Raining Ami
Live for Tonight
Miracle Me
Hannah Chapplain 
JumpStart Tomorrow
The Second Advance 
The Mouth
Matthew Stoll
Almost a Memory 
Anson Li
Black Suit Youth
Mike Smith (Suffocation)
Kentucky Vampire Clan
Keara Schnyder
Mark Fuhrer
Hollywood Driveby
Scarecrow for Hire
Scurvey Mcurve
Stuck Local
Katie Farley
Hollow Earth Theory
Dussel Has Friends
Jeff Leblanc
The Still Life
As Of Daybreak
Studio 9
And You And I
A Call for Conquest
All New Episode
Chris Ganim
Anesthesia Boulevard
Arcon November
Dress to Impress
Aqua Cherry
Beechers Fault
Greg Raposo